Beautiful Mehendi Designs for Your Feet

By the touch of some class, we convey to you some wonderful images of the greatest Mehendi designs today in India. The old-style designs of Mehendi have turned into more attractive and complicated designs with time, moved out are the days while the bride used to twig to tried and verified designs with no talent.
Nowadays, the Mehendi designs have comprised various themes, spirals, spaces and other design basics to create some amazing look for the bride to display that we bring to you at present.
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Fine! We expect you like these pictures display you the immersive and complicated Mehendi design necessities that have taken over the old-fashioned dull Mehendi designs. We confidence to motivate you with such attractive Mehendi designs and hope you exhibit them at you marriage. Till, then stop tuned for more fascinating info at Amitvideovision.
Sangeet and Mehendi ki raat is the Indian equal of a bridal shower. It’s a time while Bride acquires to spend time of fun and lessening with friends and family, beautiful designs are useful by well Mehendi artist on the feet and hands of the shining bride with her close friends among happiness and music.
It is regularly joint with Sangeet or music, and therefore makes it an evening full of dance, music, and feasting. This is an amazing function while all the friends and family get together for an all-night of entertaining and pleasure. The ladies evening can be made extra fun-filled beside with the touch of custom for the new period bride.
These days’ sangeet and Mehendi nights are great functions in themselves and habitually planned by wedding organisers but even if not them moreover they are at all times something that all the cousins, relatives and friends look forward to. We have obeyed a list of some astonishing, creative and fun full ideas for Mehendi.
Dance Performance: The greatest idea for dragging out a great sangeet function is to idea a group dance presentation for which a dance choreographer can be engaged. You can as well go for western salsa, hip hop, and cha-cha dance styles to increase more differences. Special presentations can be done by close friends of groom and bride in honour of the original couple as an admiring gift.
 Skit: A small skit can be organised, passed by relatives and friends recounting how groom and bride seen.
Aside from the level of skill, there are as well qualities that you have to deliberate. In selecting for the correct wedding videographer in Delhi, you must to ask the essential questions. This is one method of evaluating if the wedding videographer can make your knowledge imaginable. There are moreover written contract among you and the expert wedding videography.


Fashion show: Customary the ramp on fire! Who do not needs to look like those zero figure representations? Achieved all your needs in the marriage fun and have your actual own ramp walk show – walk the method you at all times wanted to on ramp.


Whereas it is accurate that wedding photography can be an actually profitable business attaining achievement in the wedding industry is not just a problem of getting a camera and start shooting. Don’t negligence the business facet of wedding photography. Learn to accomplish your business efficiently. Take business seminar and courses.



Making Moments Last Forever – A Photographer’s Delight!

The greatest object about being a wedding photographer is leaving a legacy of memories that will be appreciated not only by our customers, but their future generations also. Beforehand all picture and all click, we take an instant to think about the persons, who would be born 10, 20 or even 30 years from at present and who would be considering at the photographs that we are about to make; and we feel advantaged!
 From a windowless workplace in corporate London to the choice of style and creation … they knew Photography was their profession. It’s been an extensive road for New Delhi based Wedding photographers … here is some fascinating discussion we had with them.
1. Express us a little about yourself? Look after you learning photography or are you self-taught? What stimulated you to come to be a marriage photographers?


Hi, we’re from Amitvideovision. We work organized as a pair, covering each angle of your day. At work as a couple gives us an chance to see things from two dissimilar viewpoints with capturing more female, beautiful shots and getting those honest, emotional little instants.


 A tough background in art, style photography and show directing, assistances us find
visually creative shots full of light, original arrangements and beautiful moments with a trace of picture. Pastel tones, usual light and surface depth of field are things which are actual significant for us.
Aesthetics is just one minor part of our photography, however for us it’s the section, your story which substances the most to us. For the duration of the day we’re quiet and shoot instants as they happen, you will not ever see us telling you’re close and dearest what to prepare to create a moment. We noiselessly wait till the instants happen and capture it in their most original and attractive manner.
2. How would you define your stylishness?
Which is the preferred moment of the wedding that u love to clack?
Creative, Elegant and timeless. We specify in storytelling photography complete with attractive gentle colour palette and soft light. We love apprehending stories, and weddings are by extreme the best place for that. It is a gamble to see true love and honest emotion, whereas being in the middle of the contented day of peoples’ survives.
We have the chance to combination styles, such as well art, fashion and documented photography, which provides us the chance to be engrossed in all of our welfares in the space of just one time! Your marriage is one of the greatest significant day in your life and with that in attention, this creates our job not only enormously significant, but an actual respect. It’s somewhat we pour our soul and heart in to.


4. One knowledge – extravagant/interesting / outrageous, that views out in your mind in your photography knowledge
There are numerous…. One wedding that does view out for us although was a small marriage that was apprehended at village hall, nothing special, no countless scenery, but what was actually special was the amount of feelings going on!
Whenever we meet a couple we at all times ask them about themselves as persons, their interests, how they met, etc. and really encourage them to find a way of assembly their marriage exclusive to them, that perhaps only the two of them will know and notice.


How to have an expert wedding videography in Delhi? What are the experiences of an expert marriage videographer? These inquiries are possibly puzzling up your concentration. With many marriage videography and photography, you may have misunderstanding on which to select.



Indian Bride: Breaking the Cliches

Over the years Indian bride has developed in each sense. The bride who just the once struggled to find management among her heavy lehenga and high heels to walk or the individual whose lively makeup would have lighted up the total room or the one who was unpleasant behind her jewellery is at present rocking an overall new avatar by strike out aside the clichés related with her. Thus here’s to our actual individual experimental, cheery and revolutionary bride who is carrying out all the funk and fun.
Heels vs. Flats: The Sporty Bride
See the new time Cinderella who will run a more mile for you and that also in her wedding dress. Not any high heels and distress but lots of amusing stares will arise all the method for such unusual bride. Even though a whole lot of girls are quiet trying to put forth each step wisely in their high heels our good at sports bride struts about in her wedding ceremony enjoying the most.
Unusual Colour of the Bride
Thanks a lot to our new age brides who are getting in certain offbeat colours to life by beautifying them on their wedding day. These colourful brides can be frequently seen astounding lehenga which are intended with minimum work and still looking stylish or fashionable.
The Minimalistic Makeup Look
A smaller amount is more while it comes to bridal makeup these times! With perfect contouring a superb look and Smokey eyes is carved for the bride who doesn’t need a million colours on her expression.
Through the light makeup, natural skins are simply heightened. Lots of brides are taking on this new and fashionable avatar looking simple up till now attractive.
How to have an expert wedding videography in Delhi? What are the experiences of an expert marriage videographer? These inquiries are possibly puzzling up your concentration. With many marriage videography and photography, you may have misunderstanding on which to select.


Wakhra Swag, Style and Shades
The time of seeing the whole thing from behind the covering has lastly come to an end. Glory to the brides who have arisen to their personal rescue. These advanced brides aren’t afraid to come up with their personal hot fusion for the whole thing. Whereas these shades increase to their dabang style and Wakhra swag they have over again given their individual touch to a traditional norm. The numerous shades of these brides are confidently worthy.
The Jewellery Matter
The brides these times are going bright on the jewels and are seen trying deeply with mang tikkas, the nose ring (nath) or jhoomars. Flowery jewellery has also prepared its manner in the hearts of these brides count to their beauty and stylishness with their natural however high on style aspect.
Aside from the level of skill, there are as well qualities that you have to deliberate. In selecting for the correct wedding videographer in Delhi, you must to ask the essential questions. This is one method of evaluating if the wedding videographer can make your knowledge imaginable. There are moreover written contract among you and the expert wedding videography.
These brides have with confidence taken off all the brands and typecasts and have covered a method to lot more fun, style and experiments.


Kresha Bajaj’s Lehenga: An Ode to Her Love Story

The wedding bells rang for Vanraj Zaveri and Kresha Bajaj a while before but can quiet be heard obviously. Thanks a lot to the total buzz that the duo had enthused by making their marriage exceptional in each aspect. As of the glamorous wedding location and an intergalactic studded reception to the marriage lehenga and the jewels garlanded by the bride; the whole thing is the talk of the township.
Kresha Bajaj, a fashion designer by work, is well-known for her edgy chic in clothing. She needed to wear something which would obviously express for her style on her wedding ceremony. In spite of of worrying over what to clothing, she started considering for the creativeness which she got from the Actual Housewives star. After suggesting various ideas, she established on an exclusive and out of the method idea which was not ever seen before.

She fixed out her love story on her lehenga by means of zari embroidery cover all the milestones of their association from their first engagement to the proposal and their marriage at The Leela Palace, Udaipur


This attractive representation on the lehenga is of the day while Vanraj planned to Kresha with the ring
Aside from the level of skill, there are as well qualities that you have to deliberate. In selecting for the correct wedding videographer in Delhi, you must to ask the essential questions. This is one method of evaluating if the wedding videographer can make your knowledge imaginable. There are moreover written contract among you and the expert wedding videography.


On the lehenga The Leela Palace, Udaipur imprinted attractively, where the couple tied the loop. How to have an expert wedding videography in Delhi? What are the experiences of an expert marriage videographer? These inquiries are possibly puzzling up your concentration. With
many marriage videography and photography, you may have misunderstanding on which to select.


She put on the jewellery which was intended by her spouse Vanraj Zaveri who originates from a background of famous jewellers. The other spitting image captures the edge of the lehenga
having jumping dolphins which is showing the time when they 1st met to work on a project in contrast to Dolphin Detention.


Kresha acquired their names inscribed on the lehenga attractively
The wedding dress is not only creating news in the country but has as well got discerned in London and Australia. Though the wedding ceremony was a private event and was attended by only family and close friends, the reception held in Mumbai, was a glittery event. High profile characters like Subhash Ghai, Salman Khan, Sushmita Sen, Anil Ambani, Tina Munim, Sanjay Dautt and various more joined the reception and added more glam to the occasion.



This Big Indian Fat Wedding certainly completed big in news for each good cause. Kresha has enthused numerous girls who want to hold expressions and feelings in the method they dress. Attractive wedding location, a glittery night reception, a marriage lehenga showing their love story and not to indication, the fairy romance love story, Kresha and Vanraj has fixed enormous goals for numerous would be couples..!!


Darzi On Call: Pick, Stitch & Deliver!

You can obtain a pizza on call, books on call, wardrobe on call, and even furniture on call, nought different, right? But then what if we tell you that at present you can obtain a Darzi on Call
Of course, you read it right. At this time you don’t essential to slog infinitely to boutiques to get your clothing stitched or altered, since the boutique is now at your access and just one call away. This advanced and perception concept has taken the marketplace by storm as it saves you from all
the irritations of effort and time.
How to have an expert wedding videography in Delhi? What are the experiences of an expert marriage videographer? These inquiries are possibly puzzling up your concentration. With many marriage videography and photography, you may have misunderstanding on which to select.
Shruti Gupta, a employed woman from Delhi was verdict it tough to take out time for shop for her cousin’s wedding ceremony and as the marriage date neared she was intimidated by the greatest important job… what to wear, how to discover it and who would be capable to stitch her gorgeous lehenga at such small notice … questions were abundant but the answer was simply one!!!  Darzi on Call, a Tailor Made Tailor Service and a deliverer for those who have not at all time for shopping and viewing for boutiques.


She bequeathed them a call, fixed a meeting and there you have it! A fashion advisor displayed up the next day with attractive designs, great fabrics and exciting fashion concepts to get her the clothes that she desired!
Aside from the level of skill, there are as well qualities that you have to deliberate. In selecting for the correct wedding videographer in Delhi, you must to ask the essential questions. This is one method of evaluating if the wedding videographer can make your knowledge imaginable. There are moreover written contract among you and the expert wedding videography.
When she acquired through the fabric selection and fashioning, they took her extents and established on a delivery date as per his suitability. She acquired her dress delivered on the payable date and was also confident to make changes, if essential be. Darzi on Call approached to Shruti’s rescue and comforted her and many more with their perfect services and efforts.
Their facility is not only controlled to Delhi but cover all the limitations of the country.  Space is just a number for this iron willed group who even obtains fabric from overseas for their customers. And concern not ladies; their values are just and reasonable, correctly fitting your financial plan. If you are considering for reliability, quality and promise, Get Your Personal Darzi on Call Right


5 Stunning Wedding Accessories You Can’t Say No To

Hi ladies! You essential have all appreciated numerous bangles, nath, rings, payalas and mangtikka by nowadays and we are definite they must be good also. 
However today we bring you our favourites! 5 wedding accessories that have impressed our hearts and completed us just faint over at the actual vision of them. They are not only wonderful gorgeous but sing out loud their attractive and out of box plan. Can’t wait to take hold of them. Thus, no more dilly dally. They are showing below: 
Ring: Using a diamond fixed in the centre and bounded by pearls, this kundan ring is an essential have for all bride. This large ring will rest on your finger effortlessly leaving no essential for something else to carry, fitting correctly to the glam proportion.
Bangle: Intended by Manish Malhotra, this unusual bangle will certainly make it large for you. The bangle will provide you a stylish look with its big size and new design. Considering for giving an authority to your look, get your hands on this original armlet. is one of the best wedding photographer in India (Delhi). Here are some points that would make your search process simple

Payal: This attractively carved Payal with silver and gold and decorated regular with small and big ghungroos will create your feet ready to take steps attractively. As well the series assigning the Payal to toe rings will extra add to the attractiveness.


Mangtikka and Nath: This nath and mangtikka attractively adorned with droplets will improve your look in each good manner. And if you need to acquire the best result, pair it by means of a crystal covered medium sized nath defined with lovely beads simply like this one.
At this time there is no essential to worry over what to carry on your special day. Stab your hands on these wonders and make the heads turn..!!
Now, selecting a wedding photographer in Delhi can be a difficult task due to the huge options before you these days.



Out of all the comebacks of various fashion accessories, Choker seems to be the favorite of today’s bride. These brides will inspire all those who want to have a look which will create the best fusion where style meets royalty..!! Here are some beautiful brides wearing choker and making a peculiar style statement.
The large green stones places perfectly above the pearls of the choker are providing the edge to the bride’s look. The Rani Mala is perfectly complimenting the choker making the bride astounding.
A marriage photographer would have all the essential experience to give you outstanding consequences. Maximum Wedding photography  deliver numerous packages, approving you to select a deal which can provide you the greatest exciting contract, for the closing result.
This beautiful Meenakari  green choker decorated with white stones and finished with dangling green beads is all you need to raise the style bar.
Marriage photographer charge a insignificant other than the traditional photo shoots. The consequences a photographer can provide you, these cannot be certain by a usual different.

This traditional Guluband is giving us the glimplse of the magic it works on the brides. The bride is looking her best adorning the traditions in the most elegant way.


 This kundan choker crafted beautifully with precious stones and pearls is the best thing you’ll set your eyes on. The precise detailing and artistic craft is making it worth all the applauds.
With no limits in her mind, today’s bride has set her eyes on CHOKER which was gone long but is now setting a new trend. The choker which sets around the neck of the brides is although a small piece of jewellery but is regal enough to give the bride the majestic look.



Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale. So why not have a fairy tale wedding. You can create a tranquil, romantic and exuberant ambiance around your wedding and in all the ceremonies like sangeet, mehendi, cocktail or in reception through the decor.

Let us guide you beyond the old lined marigold decoration and stretch your way by bringing you various creative ideas.Following these gleeful ideas you can bring your wedding to life by mixing and matching the unconventional elements: is one of the Best wedding photographer in India which provides you the colorful and beautiful hangings are adding flavor and life to these colorful and happy faces. This is what you need for making your engagement even more special.
Give a unique touch to your mehendi by filling the venue with your special memories with And give your cocktail a quirky dash with this creative and  apt decoration.
Who thought that umbrellas come handy in rainy seasons, well it seems that the wedding season is utilizing it way better.!
Make the ambiance of your sangeet even more musical with this amazing ghungroo decoration and your mehendi ceremony colorful with the beautiful artistic floral decor.
Light up your engagement and mehendi with lively backgrounds emblazoned with flowers and decoration done with amazing color contrast.
From ghungroos to your own souvenirs, you can light up the day with different props. So now feel free to experiment and try out new things to make your celebration unique in every sense.


Why to Pick the Best marriage photographer in Delhi

You’d definitely want to locate a marriage photographer that has the ability to capture each and every important depth of one’s special day, just such as the greatest expert wedding photographers.
While choosing a wedding digital photographer, you have to bear in thoughts the real selected person will likely be responsible associated to conserving the exact memories
of the very extremely special day you may have. Not actually absolutely just about all marriage photographers are often proficient within their job. It is actually important that you simply pick wisely.

What things to study?

 Anytime choosing the Best marriage photographer in Delhi, keep within brain the technique the photographer you select need in order to capture wedding whereas using eyes related to wedding few. After the marriage is completed; the photographs could
be the only memories that may be memorable for a lifetime time.
Thewedding photography Delhi has to be sufficient in order to capture greatest moments
which are appreciated life time.


Select the High-Quality Wedding Expert photographer:

Picking out a marriage photographer is attractivemuch the main titanium wedding bands decisions. Although sort associated with camera the way the photographer makes use of actually plays an important role, but, you have to evaluate an expert photographer having a check out their kind and advanced ability. The cause for this is straightforward. Using top quality cameras continuing affordable, numerous men and women are bidding turning out to be marriage photography fanatics.


When finding a Best marriage photographer in Delhi, seek away references through friends, family members, and colleagues. If you have nominated two or even three photography enthusiasts, meet all of them and effort to get the actually feel of what kind of services all of them will possibly provide, also request recommendations using the work to determine the expenditures.Request the marriage photographer what, in distinct, should proceed being captivating photos of the relationship. Also assessment images over various events when you take the actual sound choice. Make sure you’ll discover if the actual expertphotographer will help or even not.

There tend to be numerous important factors you must to preserve within head just before finally selecting a wedding photographer. Price should not be actually the only concern which matters possibly the most. You want to acquire a choice good type related with
photos she’s used before along with customer’s references.
Things to Avoid:


Come to be clear of such photographers who attempt to prove an individual they are the utmost effective basically because they deliver an expensive dig camera and well-made
pictures available. A perfect photographer the same as marriage photographer in Delhi is one who’s well-composed in addition to organized.

Destination Wedding Photographer in Delhi Makes Wonders in Wedding Ceremony

Wedding is the ceremony where all friends, family,neighbours, relatives and also other people get united. Maximum of the wedding ceremonies comprise an exchange of the wedding promises by the couple, presentation of gift like present ring, flowers and money and a public announcement of marriage by an authority.


 Music, prayers,Poetry or readings from spiritual texts are also generally united into the
ceremony. Special wedding wears are worn, and the ceremony is occasionally followed by a Reception. Wedding happens only once in a person life and these moments are actually amazing and should be captured in order to preserve it lifetime.


Wedding Photography is the photographical actions which relates to the wedding displays the couple before marriage like marriage cards, portrait shows as well as in wedding and wedding is one of the main
commercial trend which supports the bulk of the determinations for many independent
photographers or photography studios.

 There are various WeddingPhotographer in Delhi, however only some of them are known for their art of photography.
 Alike the technology of photography, the skill of wedding photography has done marvels in this modern world. There are various types of wedding activities. Some of them are:


* Destination Wedding

* Civil Wedding

* White Wedding

* Double Wedding

* Military Wedding

* Shotgun Wedding

* Mass Wedding

Destination Wedding



It is one type of the wedding ceremony, where the wedding is held often in a
vacation-like setting, at a location to which maximum of the guests who are
invited must travel and often stay for some days. Destination Wedding Photographer in Delhi has inclined not only the northern portions of India but also all over the country and as well attracted the foreign customers and their superiority are enhanced in each and every wedding ceremony.


 By reason of bulky equipment and lighting problems, wedding photography was mainly a studio practice for utmost of the late 19th century and at the start of the twentieth
century, colour photography come to be available where technological developments
made the equipment smaller in size. The persons who join together to the
wedding ceremony and giving gifts are captured other than groom and bride.



The photographers ongoing to focus much on the wedding venue rather than
studio, whereas they capture all feelings, mixed emotions of each and every
person through the ceremony.

 The feelings, love and care are the leading themes of this photographer where magic is made in the photographs which show the realism.